20th International Symposium on Applications of Laser and Imaging Techniques to Fluid Mechanics
11 - 14 July 2022

Guidelines and Templates

Abstract Submitted for Selection

Extended abstracts submitted for selection are of free format and must have at least two pages, clearly stating the purpose and including results and conclusions with supporting figures as appropriate.

Final Manuscript

After extended abstracts submitted have been selected, authors with papers accepted for presentation at the 20th Lisbon Symposium must send a full-manuscript to be included in the e-proceedings and a 1-page abstract for the e-book of abstracts. Both will be distributed to all participants prior to the start of the event and later published at the Symposium’s website.

Both files must be prepared according to the templates provided below and uploaded at the website before the deadline to be announced.

The instructions for upload will be included in the templates. But, in case you have trouble with our instructions, please contact us at helpdesk@lisbon-lasersymposium.com


Oral presentations will be delivered using a computer projector. The preferred applications are Microsoft PowerPoint and Adobe Acrobat (.pdf files).

To minimize setup time, each presenter is requested to upload his presentation prior to the start of the session on the available conference computer system. We suggest bringing a copy of all the files including movies on multiple media formats (e.g. CD and/or USB key). Please make sure to use standard codecs for video to minimize risks of playing issues during presentation on the conference computer system.

Presentations will last for 18 minutes, including 3 minutes for questions and answers. Timing will be strictly enforced by the chairperson and presenters should make sure that they do not talk for more than the allocated slot.

It is understood that at least one author of each presentation is planning to attend the Symposium and to present the work. Each author should only make one presentation.